Jessica Miyuki in Japan

From billboards and jumbo screens to nationwide retailers and specialty boutiques, Jessica Miyuki's designs can be found all over Japan.

Jessica Miyuki's art and logo at Shibuya Scramble in Japan

While working as a model and freelance designer in Tokyo, Japan, Five Create Ltd. noticed her artwork from her instagram and fell in love with her unique style. She was soon signed on to be one of their 4 hand selected surf artists from the USA.

Her artwork can be seen on all types of products, ranging from cellphone cases, beach totes, makeup bags, hats, area rugs, and more products to come! For Japanese online shoppers, her items can be found here

 I feel so lucky to be able to see my designs all over Japan. I was born and raised here, and to see my art in stores I grew up going to as a kid.. it's hard to believe sometimes!


Jessica Miyuki signing her logo at various Murasaki Sports stores in Japan (left) and standing in front of her products at Local Motion in Yokohama, Japan (right)